Migom Global Gold Coin

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The Migom Global Gold Coin (MIGG) is a  one-ounce high purity,  investment-grade gold coin refined and minted from 24k pure gold. 

You must be a Migom Bank account holder to qualify and profit from our fantastic gold investment offer.

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Migom Trading - Gold as an investment

Gold has been the oldest form of wealth since the beginning of civilization; before we could understand its true potential, its aesthetic appeal made it worthy of exchange for food, shelter and security. As humans became more advanced rather than losing its initial significance, Gold has become a bedrock of the word “VALUE”. As we continue to innovate, the market leaders are constantly looked at as “THE GOLD STANDARD!”

When we look at the store of value and definition of assets, Gold is an asset that acts as a currency. Investors use Gold as a hedge against currency fluctuations, and the correlation between the USD and XAU is always scrutinized.

While new and unproven assets are heavily advertised as the new Gold, we want to double down on ACTUAL Gold and create a meaningful place for individuals and corporates. Our product is excellent for gifts, store of wealth for future generations and highly liquid with consistent demand.

We want to make gold ownership easy and enjoyable; our interface is the hassle-free go-to method for purchasing Gold. Our customer service provided through our cost-effective premiums makes us truly bespoken and competitive.

We believe Gold should come from honest, thoughtful, distinguished providers who understand that trust is earned, not given.

What is it?

The Migom Global Gold Coin (MIGG) is 1 OZ coin refined and minted from 24k pure Gold that will be digitally accounted for and reflect the actual asset value.

So why should I invest?

First and foremost, Gold bought with Migom is physical, tangible and recorded. It can be traded and redeemed at the request of the customers.
Second, it is digitally available; owners own two versions of the same coin.
Third, physical gold ownership comes with risks and higher costs due to security and insurance. We created the Migom coin to prioritize our clients’ wealth and safety. We partnered with various vault networks worldwide that are highly qualified and conveniently located, allowing customers to have coins as close as possible and secured for convenience and peace of mind.


Gold purchased from Migom is highly ethical as we only deal with conflict-free UN-certified mines. We do not tolerate child labour and have high safety requirements. Anti-Bribery and Anti-money laundering practices carried out by Migom, and our suppliers are components that make our coin compliant with many investment firms and individuals with high due diligence standards.

Services Included In Our Premiums:

A true stable coin

The Migom Global Gold Coin (MIGG) is a one-ounce high-purity, investment-grade gold coin. The London spot market determines the price of MIGG. It comprises the base price for gold and a small stabilization markup. You can use it as a collector’s piece of gold, a nice gift, or a means to make frequent payments for goods or services. It is backed by over USD 130 billion daily gold trading volume and thousands of years of global acceptance. We have just added a crypto element, which transcends gold and will compete with cryptocurrencies and fiat. Please do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of our Migom Gold investment plan.